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Puertos de España

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Throughout Europe doors are not just entrances to a building, apartment, business or home it is a statement to the passerby. They are not utilitarian open/close structures only, they are pieces of art and reflections into history of the neighbourhoods where they live. In Spain the variety of styles and designs is endless, but they reflect the building or space that they are opening into. The following is a variety of styles of doors in Spain that show the design, culture and artistic nature of this beautiful country.

Many businesses when they close for siesta or the night, they coverup their door entrance with shutters. As a passerby you are not able to see into the window or doorway during these off hours. However many businesses now have artwork on these protective shutters. They are either just interesting local artwork, or artwork that is in the theme of the business that is inside.

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