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The PayPhone Project 2020

As a reflection of changing times the PayPhone is a service that is quickly disappearing from the urban landscape. As many of them are being removed or left in a state of disrepair, the remaining functioning phone are scattering throughout the city and reflect the neighbourhoods in which they reside.

This is a project that reveals our changing times and how changing technology can affect certain areas of a city in different ways.

Traveling through Toronto neighbourhoods I was interested that once you start looking for PayPhones they end up revealing themselves in spots you pass by without ever noticing. Fading into the background. For those who still need a PayPhone it is not fading from their eye...yet.

Do we look at PayPhones as tools of the drug culture? The sex trade? The anonymous? We can make this assumption if we do not see or talk to everyone who use PayPhones. Not all in a city can afford a cellphone.

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