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Ohana - A Grassroots Photography Show

Art and photography shows can sometimes be a challenge for any photographer or artist to be able to join in meaningful way. Some shows are exclusive with very strict guidelines and presentation qualifications. These more luxury shows can require a lot of time and money, besides having a very experienced photographic or artistic career.

The other is the community event art shows that appear in various neighbourhoods during the summer season. These events can be great for new or established artists/photographers with a chance to show your work to an interested audience. However, they have display requirements and some require a significant financial entry cost. So, within our communities we can, with the assistance of social media develop groups of local photographers or artists and organize shows. These shows or events can happen in local condo recreational rooms, community centres, outdoor spaces etc. without incurring a huge upfront cost. As well you can let the photographers and artists have the freedom to use their imagination to display and promote their work.

Being invited to join Ohana a local Corktown photography event on July 27th was just one of those kinds of shows. Local photographers showing a small cross section of representative work in a local space. The guests are invited through various methods, and I think most importantly are people interested in seeing new photography work. It is a great way to meet other local photographers and connect with the local public with your work. It is also a great situation to come together within your community and assist in making it a vibrant, interesting place to live.

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